FIRST TIME EATING RICE CEREAL!! How to make Rice Cereal and Her Reaction

best bottles for rice cereal This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you FIRST TIME EATING RICE CEREAL!! How to make Rice Cereal and Her Reaction. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hey youtube. So my babys getting fussy. So um.
The doctor said. We can can introduce rice to her her meal now so i have the rice here in milk here so im gonna pop to prepare it music shes in there grunting music you shake it yeah music she sees daddy this hopefully will help you sleep. The whole.
Night be so good would be she hasnt had this one for so long. So were going to try the namm bottle. Because the nipple for mam mam cuz.
I flows faster. So dont choke it feels different to hum baby. She doesnt like it.
Shes like you dont like it no can you put it back into the other one. Shes like making this funny face in like spitting fire music music music.

best bottles for rice cereal-0
best bottles for rice cereal-0

John told camera. How you did defeating. So.
Thats our experience. Trying the rice cereal for the como toma on the number two nipple. It would hardly drip.
So it kind of came up slow for the man. She just didnt like the nipple came out really fast. But she didnt like the nipple at the shape is different are two different from the como tomo.
But the tommee tippee bottle that worked pretty well for what we use i use it like them a teaspoon a teaspoon maybe maybe a little bit less than a teaspoon of my cereal and so this one had a good good drip. I meant to get her bed. So chris is correcting my pronunciation so tommee tippee thats the name of the bottle tommee tippee and so i had more of the flow so it was easier to use with that and she finished most of it i think it was five ounces.
When i started maybe four. So.

best bottles for rice cereal-1
best bottles for rice cereal-1

This is maybe half an ounce or an ounce left so hopefully that helps her sleep through the night. Well see you ill get back to you guys in the morning and let you guys know if shes laughter tonight. Okay.
See you guys in the morning. Bye hey good night music so right now baby girl is still sleeping. Shes still sleeping.
And its almost 8 oclock. But we have to go get her shots. So you have to get her up right now so shes been sleep.
She went to sleep at 1 30. So now its almost 8. So shes been asleep for seven hours 7 hours 6 hours 30 minutes 7.
Hours roughly. So the rice cereal works.

best bottles for rice cereal-2
best bottles for rice cereal-2

But we cant sleep in and enjoy this moment morning baby. We gotta wake up oh you get this geez. Yeah.
Like to say. Thank you guys for watching. Oh really yeah.
Thank you guys thank you guys for watching me. Wake up. And eat cereal and on that note id like to say thanks for watching please comment rate and subscribe and dont forget to hit that like button.
If you liked it subscribe. If you do and check out the next video. Thats gonna be right along here and subscribe right there guys alright.
Ill talk to you guys later bye. .

best bottles for rice cereal-3
best bottles for rice cereal-3

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How to use the wood carving tools

wood carving kit for kids This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to use the wood carving tools. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Wood carving tools are a great tool for carving out wood and you dontnt want it to go all the way through or cut a piece in halfre in this box. And theres all different kinds of shapes. Each one has a different blade on the end that will do different things.
Some of them cut some of them will gouge some of them work out very thin lines like this so you can see theres all different kinds. So first you want to take your piece of wood and attach it to the table. So.
The clamp is gonna be the solution for that usually two clamps one on either side of the piece of wood. The best cheap clamps here. Then you want to draw out the area that you would like to carve and draw it out or if its not straight you would draw it out by hand or use some kind of template.

wood carving kit for kids-0
wood carving kit for kids-0

But ill go ahead and make a section here say i decide id like to have this area carved out i want to get rid of this so what im gonna do is im gonna pick the straight tool first this one has a straight blade on it and you can see on the blade. Here. Theres one side thats flat and one side that has a bevel its at an angle.
So im gonna take the flat side and put it belong the edge of the side of the wood that i want to keep im getting rid of this side. So. The bevel edge is gonna be on that side.
So the flat side goes here you hold it in place. And i use my hammer give it some tap since go and i can do that all along the edge here unless i have this whole area cut. Then i can use the other tools material.

wood carving kit for kids-1
wood carving kit for kids-1

So im gonna go ahead. And just do one section here so you can see what okay so i made a cut along here. Then im gonna use a different tool and i can use a curved.
One like this i can still use this flat. One if i want to and heres a flat one with a little bigger of bigger bevel on it okay. So i want to carve this out.
And what i can do is use these tools at an angle. So i can go right in there like this and now. Its definitely straight up and down.

wood carving kit for kids-2
wood carving kit for kids-2

I can turn it a little bit of an angle. See the wood is starting to come up you can get from the other end. I also use the curved ones material and look at lo.
Im holding the tool do you need to hold it pretty low because youre carving out the top layer of the wood. Youre not going all the way down and because ive already cut these lines along this edge the wood peels up pretty easily. I go along here and try to bring this tool to here.
Its gonna splinter. So if i wanted to keep going i would need to come back in here with this tool. And i could come back go start with the straight.

wood carving kit for kids-3
wood carving kit for kids-3

One over here. You can also use the very very small ones and get a different look you can do freehand. So if i just do it freehand like this you can see how you can work with your tool it carved freehand now if youre gonna carve freehand just make sure your other hand is out of the way and youre doing it with a controlled manner.
You dont want to be crazy with it because these are sharp. You can see if you wiggle it back and forth a little bit it does help to cut into the wood. I mean once youre finished.
If you want to go in here and clean it up with some sandpaper you can always do that or if you want it to be really flat. You could take one of the other tools and work to flatten it out like this but thats how you use these tools when youre finished with these tools you always want to make sure that they go back in to the box. Where they belong close the lid and make sure they get put away.

wood carving kit for kids-4
wood carving kit for kids-4

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REAL Cold Winter Outfits for Men | Layering and Styling Men’s Fashion | ODS Winter 2019

mens warm pants for winter This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you REAL Cold Winter Outfits for Men | Layering and Styling Mens Fashion | ODS Winter 2019. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Video is for all you guys and all the others that have left comments rightfully rightfully complaining that my outfits might not be the best the warmest for the cold that you guys might live in whats up guys for those of you that dont know me my name is marcel flores and youre watching my youtube channel. One dapper street. I live in new york city today.
I am going to dress like im living in the arctic or at least. Im gonna try and attempt to and try and keep the five looks that ive got for you today s dollars as possible thats why right now. Im standing here in etech.
Because thats my base layer for everything in the winter. Because i think thats just the base layer for any warm outfit. But well get to that in a little bit lets jump into the first look music all right here.
We have it this for me is probably my winter uniform in concept short of wearing you know my snowboard outfit. That is gonna keep me warm. No matter what up top.
We have a puffer jacket this one is from tommy hilfiger. I have another one from wooldridge and another one from canada goose that are really down jackets. That will absolutely keep you warm.
If you have them zipped up on the bottom. As you just saw me wear. I have a heat tech turtleneck.
So im doubling up on the turtleneck because for me i have a long neck. But in general i think keeping your neck protected is one of the most important things in terms of insulation and keeping the wind out so i have a scarf around here that if i were to actually step outside right now. Im gonna wrap around once carved my face with tie.
It again and tie it up here. So my neck is super warm. You cannot see my face and but also the wind cant see it hat so just my eyes obviously zip up the jacket and then the combination of the thick knit turtleneck with the other turtleneck and then actually a pair of gloves with a beanie and then heat tech.
Long johns combined with a pair of raw denim jeans. There are a little bit thicker. The weight of the denim is a little bit higher and a pair of boots over which i drape the jeans in the end.
So this i am starting to sweat already yes. I think thats a good sign for this type of video. Anyway.
This video is less about the pieces that im wearing. Its more so about the approach to the outfit. So while im gonna try and find links for you guys to shop pieces similar to this its more like you can get it down further jacket a pair of good gloves.

mens warm pants for winter-0
mens warm pants for winter-0

A nice beanie a scarf turtleneck and he check underneath and youll be good. But im breaking a sweat. So lets take a look at the second outfit music.
Oh. And if youre wondering why this is all sped up its so you can see me actually put on the layers and understand how the outfit is put together as im standing here looking at my socks. I realize i didnt just talk about them.
But youre gonna be seeing them for the rest of the video. Theyre also heattech socks and with the next pair of shoes. Im gonna talk about how to keep your feet.
Really really music heres the socks are in their full glory. This look is very hiking inspired obviously. Im wearing a pair of hiking boots and as i just alluded these are from suits apply.
And theyre actually lined with real sterling. So theyre super super warm. Theyre waterproof up until the seam and thats a big thing.
Youre gonna see me wear a lot of boots for one to protect the ankle. A little bit. But also all of these boots have luck soles so no chelsea boots.
No nothing anything that will get you a little bit of distance between the ground. And your feet is great because it just helps keeps the cold away for obvious reasons so starting from the bottom up. We have the socks and the boots in combination.
Then i have a pair of thick chinos once again over the heat tech. Long johns that i got at massimo dutti. The rest of the upper body is actually largely from massimo dutti.
As well thats the turtleneck this shirt and a cardigan up top. So in this case. The cardigan is what really really adds a lot of the warmth.
But of course. Its a lot about the layering here you saw me layer up one two three four with the jacket five layers up top. But you still see how the jackets fairly slim this one is from the uniqlo.
It is a seamless down parka this is actually a medium. I was trying to look for a small but they were out of it so the small would have still fit. I tried another color on this we see how slim this really is with all of these layers and once again breaking a sweat also love it or the breath right now like the changing and the talking its a lot guys anyway.

mens warm pants for winter-1
mens warm pants for winter-1

Im wearing a brown beanie this beanie is from massimo dutti as well i love this thing. Its actually sitting fairly far down. And its really warm the fabric.
Once again and this is how weird so i still look kind of cool you know like open and obviously this is not how i would step outside if outside was zero degree fahrenheit. Weather so lets adjust that so you saw what i just did there i just undid the knot that i had in a scarf. Because if you dont tie it up it actually lies a lot flatter and i was able to almost completely pull up the zipper right here.
Even though the scarf is super thick once again i love doing this in terms of how i tie it just because it keeps me super warm and my nose and my mouth get really cold so i like just having my eyes exposed when it gets really cold. Im talking a little bit more about the puffer jacket itself keeping the wind out is one of the main things to try and stay warm. And this not having any seams is an excellent way to make sure of that its also what a repel it this is a great jacket.
I was wearing it all day. Honestly and it was it was not cold enough and you hurt to be wearing just a jacket without any of the layers underneath. But that is the look so let me hop in the next one music these are fresh off the wash.
I swear they were not this tight before even with long johns music. If youre a fan of all black. I hope this look speaks to you this is me trying to show you guys that you can still wear a regular overcoat in the winter even when its really really cold.
If you prepare the rest of the outfit properly when brian and i are shooting outside in the winter. So hes on a camera just outside for sometimes hours this is more or less. What he wears so that is a unique low light lightweight lightweight down feather jacket.
I think also part of the heat tech collection it looks super thin. But thats the beauty of it and it actually does keep you a lot warmer than you think it would end up top and overcoat this one is from the goodfellow brand from target and of course. What helps a lot is once again heat tech and in this case a double turtleneck action underneath.
He check underneath the jeans. Which in all honesty are even a little bit too tight for me right now so sorry head grab them straight out of the wash like they just a shark a tiny bit unexpectedly so. But he takes socks a pair of boots and then a big scarf up top.
I love this thing. Okay confession time. I bought the scarf.
A friend of mine had it a girlfriend of mine. This is the woman scarf and i loved it so much i ended up buying it for four four hundred and fifty dollars and it is literally one of the best purchases. Ive ever made it is a super long turtleneck scarf cashmere fabric so it has this turtleneck thing right here like you saw me do with the other scars.
I just like covering my face in the first place to this and then just bundling up is how i really stay warm that scarf alone takes care of most of my upper body. So if i zip this up right now button up the coat and put on my gloves. Then im actually really good to head outside and withstand temperatures that i normally dont have to here in the city music quick sidenote you see my hair and the sweat on my forehead.

mens warm pants for winter-2
mens warm pants for winter-2

My rest of the body feels the same so i hope this is warm enough for you guys will you look at this sweater. Massimo dutti on sale right now. I think for like 60 absolutely beautiful and also what keeps me really warm before i even put on the jacket.
Its a really thick wool sweater. Its a nice cable man obviously with a nice pattern. Thats where you can have as much fun as you want because its not gonna impact the temperature of your outfit.
So if you want to have a little bit of fun go over something like this that has a little bit of a pattern. But up top is what is keeping me super super warm that is a shilling jacket. This one is from coach.
It is real shilling. It is now two three years old. So you wont be able to find this on the website of this right now.
But they always have great shilling jackets. In the winter and then a big note regarding the jeans this pairs once again from target from the good. Fellow brand.
I love ripped jeans. I know some of you dont its okay if you dont thats fine in this case. I just really dont want to have any holes in my jeans.
Because that will let went through and as we all know by now that is gonna make you cold. So they actually have patches it just looks like theyre ripped. But theyre actually patched all the way through so these jeans are entirely like the first and the third so even the black jeans and the raw denim jeans in the beginning had no holes at all and it had a little bit more weight to them sort of fairly thick denim fabrics in this case.
I left the heat tech turtleneck underneath because i like it peeking out a little bit with the white you may or may not like that obviously just replaced. It was a regular crewneck heat tech shirt underneath because the scarf is gonna do a lot of work for you so. In this case.
Ive got a pair of gloves once again and a big scarf thats gonna make sure that my neck is properly protected because even if i slip up the jacket. Youre gonna see that the front of my neck is still a little bit exposed so if you want to have a little fun you can go around it if you want to use the shielding or this is one youre really making use as a shielding you obviously have the option to pull this up and cover your face like you know that i wont like doing right now or you can also go underneath like fold. The collar down and then go around it and with a pair of gloves on open a little so be cool ernie.
Its not helping this is the look i hope to see enjoy this before i happen to the last 100 as im looking over here. I actually. I was supposed to measure this with the last one this coat is from phae phae brand.
An italian band about three years oldest coat and they actually sold the combination of the overcoat with the insulating jacket underneath so just so you guys know they actually are being sold like that from high end italian brands like this one right here. I just recreated. It with the jacket from uniqlo and the coat from target music.

mens warm pants for winter-3
mens warm pants for winter-3

Okay. Lets talk about it i think the suit is obviously the hardest thing to wear when you actually have to stay really warm. But you might live in a place where it is really cool and you need to wear a suit.
So heres what i would suggest you do to stay as warm as possible in a suit. I am wearing a three piece wool suit from suits apply they have a very similar one in the collection right now this was actually for a year or a year and a half ago. The first thing i do of course is replacing the regular shirt and tie with a turtleneck as you saw i think all of these looks.
The three piece is obviously whats going to add a little bit of extra warmth in this case around your midsection with the vest underneath button. That up real good and then you know thats just like nice and tight keeping me warm around. My was called midriff.
My brains overheating. Okay. So we got the three piece suit right here to check the jacket itself kind of acts in a similar way as the uniqlo puffer jacket.
Did before just as another layer underneath the coat which im wearing a double breasted overcoat from zara once again a wool overkill double dress is also another thing thats going to give you more fabric at the front of your body. Then im wearing a scarf. This ones a fairly slim scarf not super thick.
But once again for me with scarves. Its a lot about just wind protection and then the knot will always be super thick because its or not and that in combination with both of the turtlenecks once again is gonna really keep me warm. Big note there shirt and tie.
I ditch in the winter for a turtleneck when it comes to a suit and that pretty much is the look. Im wearing our ankara flores sunday boots that are broke boots. Theres not super many boots that you can wear that arent chelsea boots that go well with a suit.
I think this is thats why we designed them so they you could wear them casually and dressed up. They have a little bit of a luck sole so they will keep your feet warmer than other shoes. But these are not super winter shoes.
I want to just call that out of you know im just authenticity. But that is the last look. I hope you guys enjoyed todays video for those of you that have eagerly been looking all over youtube at all of the style channels for a video that properly talks about how to tackle the cold in style.
I hope this video spoke to you and i hope it inspired you in terms of a few outfits and maybe a few purchases. Youre gonna be making to start the new year off right start. Oh really so thank you so much for watching.
If you liked it give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below hopefully. Its not thats too cold for me or too warm for me make sure you subscribe to my channel turn on the post notifications. Because theres gonna be a lot more videos coming in 2019.
I want you guys on board for them. So thank you one last time. Ill see you very soon with the next video until then stay dapper.

mens warm pants for winter-4
mens warm pants for winter-4

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Washing reborn doll kit hair before assemble

baby and kids reborn nursery This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Washing reborn doll kit hair before assemble. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Gotta get to move. We gotta. Get some.
More. We. Gotta.
Get. Some. More.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
Oh oh oh oh hit that like hey subscribe. Oh. Hey.
Its show. Oh get it hey i get it oh and get it hey i get it. Oh yes.
We is girl. We will trim them when we get down in the nursery. All right lets get some soap good all right you good act good tt all right im clean clean clean my hair tt clean clean clean my hair tt get it clean i am getting clean i am clean clean clean my hair clean clean clean my hair tt get it clean i am cleaning i am cleaning my hair clean my hair clean my hair clean my hair i know i cant sing thats why im not a singer.
But ive been trying just to make it fun when im working on the ribbons. When im working on the ribbons. You gotta make it fun make it fun you gotta make it fun.
While youre working on the ribbons. Working on the ribbons. Say a weird work of art.
Were one of a kind and done done by hand all right so we got her hair washed. We got her hair good and clean clean good and clean clean all right. And shes gonna go in that pan that i showed you guys and then lets get the bigger.
One and she got a head full of her head full of hair girl whoa. Listen. Ima have fun.
Im gonna have fun coming. Yall. Look at this hurt look look at my hair.
I got a hair full of hair and my tt my tt about to wash my hair wash it wash it all right lets get you good and wet good lets get you good and wet hold on hold on sunshine. All right whoo yeah. Rebound baby dolls collectibles for adults.
They are one of a kind and they are not toys. We are collectibles for the adults. Because we are a work of art and we are painted and rooted and assembled music all right honey get her hair good and wet because shes gotta.
Say shes got a hair full of hair yall. Who look at her look at her all right lets get that soap in lets get that soap in good. I gotta get some more soap tt running out.
Yes. I am. Yes.
I am.

baby and kids reborn nursery-0
baby and kids reborn nursery-0

Say we running out of salty tts yes. We running out of salty tea. We gotta get to move we gotta get some more we gotta get some more so i need to go to the store.
Yall. I think ima take yall. With me.
When i go. And ill probably take reborn raven. Take reborn raven out would you guys like to see that if so put in the comments below let your tutu know what you would like to see clean clean clean my hair tt clean clean clean my hair tt get it clean i am getting clean i am clean clean clean my hair tt clean clean clean my hair tt get it clean.
I am yeah. I got out of breath. Yall.
Dont judge me. Dont. Judge.
Me. Its hot. And i was like i did not want to turn the air on and you guys have to listen to that so i am burning up okay.
I said your hair up real good yes. I did thats all right because its good and clean. Its good and clean yes.
It is yes. It is i havent did the lanka kit in a while um. She wears five five tee and clothing.
Shes a big girl. She said. Thats a big girl all right we just want to make sure i get all this soapy out all the soap soap.
Make sure dont know and go. No water go inside of her all right lets get the spray again. Oh yall.
It is hot. It is hot yes. It is you ready to get assembled and get ready to get packed to go home yes okay all right and im washing with cold water because i dont want my seal on the inside to get loose all right tt thinks she got it all out.
I think i got it all out girl yep tt. Got it all out all righty. Im not gonna get your sister.
So you gonna have to say it solo okay would you say all right say say thank you for watching dont forget to comment. Like and subscribe and keep an eye out for my video coming soon up tt assembling me music hit that like button. One at a time welcome to the woo woo baby family.
Oh. This is the place you wanna be cause. Im.
A reborn artist family entertainment. Oh oh unlimited fun. Im.
A reborn artist. Family entertainment. Oh.
Break it down music music music you .

baby and kids reborn nursery-1
baby and kids reborn nursery-1

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LUXJET LED USB Clip On Desk Reading Lamp

clip on headboard reading light This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you LUXJET LED USB Clip On Desk Reading Lamp. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Music applause music music alright guys so were sitting here in sort of a a little bit darker environment. Because were taking a look at a light today is a clip on led light it does have a cool. Which is sort of the bright white and then you have the daylight.
Which is more of a soft orange type glow output available and you can also change it between different modes. So we take a look at that real quick. The cord itself is a little over 50 inches long at 54 inches long so its pretty long cord.
Which is nice it is usb so you will need to have you know sort of a usb power break if you want to plug it into a wall or you can power it off with a power bank. If you want it to so this is the light is actually pretty compact and you can see it has a de panel here that diffuses the light. Its made of metal.
So i expect itll last a long time it has this nice adjustable you know flexible arm. Which is also made of metal. So no problem there and then you have some padding on the clip.

clip on headboard reading light-0
clip on headboard reading light-0

Which is actually a very strong clip. So it should hold really really tight. It will not fit on the table.
I have because of the design on the table. But its a very very strong clip. Its not gonna go anywhere once its clipped on you know to whatever you clip it on to and then it has these little pieces here.
I guess theyre supposed to help keep from damaging and slipping as such but theyre just sort of a shiny looking material. So. Usb interface here is your inline switch alright.
So. That all. Said.

clip on headboard reading light-1
clip on headboard reading light-1

Real. Quick. You also get a little user manual thank you for your purchase.
And if youre not happy of course you can contact them. And because it is relatively small you have a little bag that is you know something you can store it in or if you want to have it to throw it in your bag. If youre on the go travel a lot it might be good because you can kind of just fold.
It up and stick it in the bag. And thats a pretty cool option. This is the box it comes in so nothing too fancy there so let me plug this in right.
Quick music music. So. There is the light in that position like the toggle switch here in the middle.

clip on headboard reading light-2
clip on headboard reading light-2

Its off and then there alright so lets start with that and then we got this push button you can see that so theres a push button there so if i push the button sort of add a light so its sort of an orange color out of how well its going to show up are you on camera. And then a brighter white and if i flip the other so i dont know how well it shows up for you on camera. But basically what youll do is youll utilize a small portion of the leds sort of in the center lights you up a little better probably not gonna show up on camera.
I can see it here. But its more so in the center illuminated and then we you flip it the other way thats brighter. Its actually utilizing the inner and the outer so depending on how many leds are lit up the amount of brightness.
But you can see the difference to some degree at least and then i think looking at the camera myself i can see a little bit more intensity. So hopefully you can see that but i just think this is really cool really convenient. I like the metal construction of the actual arm and everything so its just ive got a very substantial very sturdy feel to it and if i turn this towards me.
You can see its quite bright actually so i hope that it gives you a little bit of an idea of what to expect but overall again very strong clip mechanism. Theyre sturdy with the metal construction simple to use controls let me unplug this simple to use thin line control you can see right there. And very long cable kind of nice to keep it wrapped up like this try to manage the cable.

clip on headboard reading light-3
clip on headboard reading light-3

A little bit better at over 50 inches. It is quite long. But you will have to supply your own wall plug in the event that you want to plug this into the actual wall.
But the cool part is plug it into anything usb. You should go to get power. So whether using a power bank or a computer or the wall.
Maybe a charging station. Something so yeah just a nice option being portables. Nice excuse.
Me the fact that they include a little you know bag the store or transport. It in very nice so thats pretty much it i just want to share that with you really quickly show you the different brightness levels. Which again is hard to convey on camera.
But hopefully it gives you a little bit of an idea of what to expect from this i think. Its really nice and ill leave a link below to more information you can check out maybe read some other reviews and just see what other products they sell they have a different assortment of things okay. Thats pretty much it thanks for watching music.

clip on headboard reading light-4
clip on headboard reading light-4

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The Best Primers For Oily Skin!!

face primer for oily skin This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you The Best Primers For Oily Skin!!. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for watching so today todays video. We are doing top primers for oily skin. You guys have been these flat out so these are my ride or die holy grail.
Things that work really really well under makeup to not only help keep your skin matte. But also to ensure that your makeup lasts. A really really long time this video will apply to those of you who are greasy oily messes.
Like i am. But also combination skin types or just people who have like a real difficult time getting their makeup to stay on they face all day long you know how sometimes you know you get to like 3 4 pm. Youre like what is going on with my face wheres my makeup.
I dont remember wiping it off. But its not there these primers will help with those issues. Too so if you are interested in learning about the best primers that are worth investing in then please keep on watching so im gonna start this video out with the hourglass mineral veil primer you guys have heard me talk about this product so so so many times.
This is a beautiful lightweight primer. There is something about this primer that does wonders for oily skin. I use this over my entire face i can use it under my eyes on my nose anywhere and it keeps my makeup looking beautiful for the longest time.
What is interesting about this one is its not actually manufactured or targeted towards oily skin. But it works so well under any foundation. So yeah.
The hourglass mineral veil is definitely at the top of my list next up. I want to talk about the mac prep and prime skin base primer. Oh.
My gosh. So. This is a product that ive been using for many years as a pro makeup artist i adore this product is very simple you can apply it on any type of skin actually dry skin it works really really well on as well but this stuff will ensure that your makeup.
Does not budge. All day along this works. So well and it also works really well for oily skins.

face primer for oily skin-0
face primer for oily skin-0

I find that if i use this underneath my makeup. You know i can get 10 11 12 hours of wear out of my makeup. No problems at all we arent even having to touch up obviously provided.
Im wearing the right foundation. But im yet another really really great primer. Its definitely worth trying out next up.
Ive got the dr. Brandt pores. No more so this is their pore refiner primer.
And this one. Absorbs oil and mattifies shine. This one is a beautiful product.
And its actually more of a recent addition to my collection. Ive been testing this one for about four weeks now well can say is why didnt i buy it earlier. Why didnt i buy it earlier this works so well.
And its actually got a really beautiful tea tree scent to it so when you apply it in the morning. You know on your face. Its like oh.
I think kind of like wakes you up a little bit beautiful so these smooth fine lines and minimizes pores. But most importantly will keep your face matte for a really really long time the first time i wore this i think i wore my makeup for about 15 hours and i remember coming in here to wipe it off. And i was like oh.
My goodness like look at my face like how is this even possible. So yeah love love love this primer. And you can pick this one up from mecha stores here in australia.
I will pop links and stuff for all of the products that i mentioned down below. So that you guys can find them easily ok next up i want to talk about the becca ever matte poreless priming perfect akaash. Its a really long name um.

face primer for oily skin-1
face primer for oily skin-1

I have had comments from you guys over the last two months being like nakia youve got to try the back of primer just get it get it get it and i remember for age as i was trying to buy it on the sephora website and also in store from sephora. And it was always out of stock well about for about three weeks ago. I finally got my hands on this and oh.
My goodness i cant even so this isnt a normal primer. I must stress that you cant use this over your entire face how you would any of these other primers. This is for pinpointing problem areas so.
I actually will only use this there on the center of my forehead down the bridge of my nose on my top lip and on my chin and sometimes ill blend like a really small amount sort of out on my cheeks of towards. You dont like the central areas of my cheeks this dries down so fast. It is not easy to work with i have to you know just so you guys know.
Its not easy to work with. But once you figure out how to use this its mind boggling like seriously this it keeps me so mad. I think more matte than any of these other primers doesnt really create like a barrier.
So its not you know like a barrier. Prime. Thats going to prevent the oil coming through essentially oil hit sears and it turns matte like its some kind of science experiment.
Im telling you but now that i know how to use it i am in love with it also i want to mention the rimmel stay matte primer. This is a really great drugstore alternative and i have been using this primer. Im gonna say for like 6 or 7 years like was my ride or die drugstore primer.
I love this one its really simple and thats what i love about it sometimes. Its the most simple products that actually worked the best. So yeah.
Ill ill use this all over my entire face in the morning. I love this for work. So i applied this really early in the morning and then ill wear it through a whole day of work come home without having to stress about looking like a shiny disco ball.
Its really really affordable too and you know products blend out beautiful on top of it so yeah really really loved the rimmel stay matte next up. Ive got these smashbox photo. Finish foundation.

face primer for oily skin-2
face primer for oily skin-2

Primer oil. Free. Pore.
Minimizing are all of those words. Really in the name guys. It looks like this its a purple.
One essentially so this is another mattifying primer that also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. So again. I will use this through the t zone on my nose.
And then ill sort of spread it you know on this areas of my cheeks and also on my chin and my top lip. I can use this you know all over or as a spot primer and you know it works both ways this will absorb oil kind of similarly to the becca one. But this ones a lot easier to work with it will absorb oil as the oil comes through and prevent your face getting shiny.
And then lastly. I wanted to mention the kat von. D.
Locket. Featherweight. Primer.
I use this on all of my brides. A lot of my clients really really great hydrating primer. Which as you know when you add hydration back into the skin counteracts.
The oil issue and your skin goes. Oh. Im not as parched as i thought i was so im not going to try and you know hydrate myself by producing way too much oils so really really simple like it just feels like a quite a light moisturizer on the skin.
Its not thick nothing looks cakey on top of it really easy to work with um and yeah. Quite basic really really quite basic so that is it for my top primers for oily skin. I hope you guys really found this video helpful as always please if youve got any questions about any of these products or any questions that you need to ask me back skin concerns and issues.
Please leave them in the comment section down below. You guys know im more than happy to always answer your questions. I hope you guys really enjoyed the video and i will talk to you all very soon bye you .

face primer for oily skin-3
face primer for oily skin-3

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ll bean rain boots womens This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY: LL BEAN BOOTS | Nancy Hui. Following along are instructions in the video below:
s up guys welcome to my channel. So recently. I just upload a video on on how to stop being boots.
If you guys havent looked at it yet go by and check it out ill include a link below. But this video. I just want to go ahead and throw out some opinions that i have now ive owned them for a couple years now that i wish i have known before purchasing them.
And that then will probably help you to because reading reviews on the website. Dont really help so ill just go ahead and straight into it so as you guys know bean boobs. Do originate from the state of maine.
Theyre mainly up north so i dont have no bean boot stores down here. Where i could physically go in and try them on i have to order them online. But they really are a staple outfit for any southern girl.
I really mean wear them mainly for rain boots really nothing more because they are heavy. I dont know if its just because my sizing is just a little off. But it is real leather and they are handmade so when you order it your bean boots.
They do come with a little card with the name of the person that major boots. Which is really cute. But i want to go ahead start saying that the main issue about being boots.
That everyone should know is the sizing my feet are a definite size 8.

ll bean rain boots womens-0
ll bean rain boots womens-0

No matter what brand. Ive never had any issues being a half size upper or lower. Ive always been an exact.
8. My mistake first ordering my boots was i thought i could you know get the same exact size. And i totally ignored.
The reviews on the website and i went ahead and order a size 8 in a wide width. My feet are unnaturally wider than most feet. So i just thought it would work so when they came in they were huge.
Im talking about like i was wearing my dads boots. So i had to send them back and i went down a size lower 7. I think the the width of my shoes is actually a medium.
I dont know if i guess if you guys could probably see. But the size is in here. 7 medium.
These shoes are actually probably a half inch larger my feet this theyre still room before the tip of the toe. So i would probably recommend for me may if your exact eight. I would probably get a seven narrow because it is pretty wide still even with thick socks.
They dont really because ive worn these to go up to the mountains to go snowboarding and they do have insulated boots.

ll bean rain boots womens-1
ll bean rain boots womens-1

I do not have the insulated. Ones. I just have the regular eight inch duct boots and ive worn them with insulated socks and they didnt really keep my feet warm.
So thats why i would not recommend these for really cold regions. Im not sure my feet were freezing when i was up in north carolina. Like i said these are really great for rain boots rather than snowy boots and that if you are in this scenario region definitely invest in the insulated boots rather than the regular ones that i have here.
But if youre really concerned about your sizing and you dont want to take a gamble dont make your mistake. Like me definitely contact their customer service. They encourage that call them up really let them know like oh.
Im a size this in nike kind of give them an idea of what your shoe size is and theyll really recommend the best fit for you thats what my boyfriend did when he got his beam boots and although they are a bit big on him. Too id really kind of take that in consideration because beam boots. Only come in hole sizes.
They dont come in half sizes. Which i would have recommended for you guys because like i said. My sevens are still a little bit roomy.
A six and a half would have worked great for me. But they do not have half sizes. Unfortunately so if youre thinking about it.
Id probably try a six.

ll bean rain boots womens-2
ll bean rain boots womens-2

I mean. Its better than having to drag your feet around a little because of that extra room makes it harder to walk. But sevens there work fine for me i can always i guess add more socks.
But if its theres you know but other than the sizing. Ive had these boots for about three four years now theyve been holding up really well i feel like my heel. Its not warm to the ground yet.
But if there were exact size. Then they would still be brand new because i do drag my feet since. They are a little bit bigger and theyre a little heavy to keep picking up my feet every single time.
And yeah. So really get your exact shoe size. Because it really determines.
How well your boot keeps up instead of tearing the heel down to the very bottom. But other than that i havent had issues. Theyre really great the leather is really well made and it honestly goes with a bunch of outfits.
Im surprised to find out because that was one of the other issues that i was worried about because i do like collecting shoes that are different and these i would say are a different version of tims timberlands and they work really well timberlands wouldnt have fit my style. These were better and theyre different. But other than that i do wear my boots loose at the top rather than having to tie them constantly every time i slip them on now.
Im tying this tight.

ll bean rain boots womens-3
ll bean rain boots womens-3

The regular way wouldnt change how the fit of my feet. It would still be loose either way so i just got went ahead and made it easier myself every time i slip in mom that i could just pull it put my feet in and be on the go. But i would definitely stress the fact that you should contact customer service.
Just to call them and theyre really friendly. Theyll really help you and if not just go ahead and pay the shipping to return it and maybe try a six if it fits your feet. Because i dont normally wear thick socks.
But on another note in my video. Where i styled my bean boots. I actually wore two of their socks that ive ordered from their website and theyre really great because theyre tube socks and unlike normal socks to wear you wear them.
And they kind of wear and tear over the years and you have to throw them out these actually go back to the normal foot size after every wash. And ive had these for two to three years and they they shrink back to the normal size and they get back tight and its i dont know how to explain it i dont know if im explaining it right. But they do shrink back to the normal size to like brand new and they fit really good and they go really well with the boots as well i went ahead and got this color as with the beige color.
Because theyre both two colors that match with almost everything these were about 20 dollars. But after you order your bean boots they actually send you i think a 10 coupon. As a thank you and for you to return so definitely make an account when you order your boots.
My eight inch boots costed me 120. I believe which i feel like they are a really good investment and there is a lifetime guarantee definitely read up on that the boots are really good investment theyll last you forever. But thats pretty much it if i left anything out if you guys want to know how to make the knot that i made on my boots definitely go ahead and comment down below.
But ill catch you guys next week music. .

ll bean rain boots womens-4
ll bean rain boots womens-4

Thank you for watching all the articles on the topic KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY: LL BEAN BOOTS | Nancy Hui. All shares of are very good. We hope you are satisfied with the article. For any questions, please leave a comment below. Hopefully you guys support our website even more.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Taste Test – Which One Is The Best?

vegan mac and cheese brands This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Vegan Mac and Cheese Taste Test – Which One Is The Best?. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hows it going guys im chris im. Jonathan sweet simple vegan how hows it going welcome back welcome back to our channel on our channel. We all things vegan basically taste test recipes vlogs life style.
Everything in between and today is a very special day because we have all bunch of mac and cheese in front of us and were gonna be doing a taste test for you guys so we do taste tests now relatively. Often and our goal with these is to try out all of the options for you so you dont have to and give you our opinion on everything and of course everyones palates vary. But were gonna have two mouths here to taste to us everything and were actually bringing a third person in today.
Its not vegan. Yet bias here that will definitely help in the critique of all of these. There are how many 1 2.
3. 4. 5.
6. 7. There are seven options here.
There are definitely more on the market. We just got everything that we could possibly find in our area. And we do have a homemade variety that will also be sampling.
And the recipe for that will be linked down below yes so for these videos. We usually show the process of us making all of the food and then we taste test everything. But there are so many options here today and these are very simple items to prepare so instead of doing that were actually just going to be making them off camera to speed things up and then well show you what it looks like after its cooked and then well tell you how we cooked.
It so. Theres classic mac and cheese is where you get the mac and cheese. And you put a powder in it with like milk.
Almond milk. So how you do it i think. So yeah.
And then we have like this one. I know for sure they have like a squeeze packet in it well get into details and these desserts. They go yeah.
So were trying to like warm us make these like you would make mac and cheese. I feel like its pretty standard. So you dont really have to show you how it goes and well link our playlist for all of our other taste tests down below as well weve done vegan eggs.
What else have we done. Vegan fish. These cheese and a bunch of other random things in the past.
Well like those yeah those that have a laugh. Im excited. This is gonna be this gonna be really tasty.
Im pretty sure somebodys i havent tried i dont think i dont think ive ever tried this one and these dry these two. I dont remember at all and this one. I dont think ive ever tried.
Also yeah right so this is gonna be fun. So. If you guys are following along with our 30 till.
30 challenge. So chris is turning 30 at the em needham at the end of the month and were trying to eat healthier leading up to them so im only gonna be having a few bites here and there of these i think maybe better to bite zzz. I was also gonna say like this was in our schedule.
Like we wanted to do this video for you guys so were making an exception today. But all the leftovers are going home with our friends. So that were not tempted maybe.
We could do a cauliflower taste test instead vegetable taste tests. Without further ado. Lets get into a taste test.
We got tom in the house also known as ira. 10. Almost always big tea tofu master yeah so tom is a non vegan and hes going to be giving us his opinion on these as you guys requested.
I feel like he is the true test as to whether or not these are actually mac and cheese. What does the last time you have real cheese a couple days ago. I had to talk her out.
She said. Yeah yeah. I mean maybe i dont think its real but i mean its its dairy items real.
Yeah. Right yeah. Music so.
The first one. Were trying. Today.
Is our homemade mac. And cheese with gluten free. Noodles.
Were just going this. For the sauce. Its nutty nutty.
Youre gonna tell us that its in the back of the tongue. Im gonna aerate this little right yeah mmm. I think if we used regular pasta would have been better yeah.
They will be free noodles. This is a person we tried them yeah. Theyre kind of tough even though i cooked it like usually gluten free noodles.
If you forget the right time. Sometimes i get super mushy yeah totally noodles fault not the cooker chris made this oh you bet. I made the sauce.
Oh yeah i made the pasta. Im stupid.

vegan mac and cheese brands-0
vegan mac and cheese brands-0

Im just saying get a ten out of ten. If it wasnt for the pasta. This is great i like it i met me by us.
But no that is uh all right do we yes. I mean we have nothing to base it on yet yeah. Its good i would eat this one.
Its also healthy oil free. All whole foods pretty much right. Yeah.
Im not sweating. So. I think thats a good sign all right the first two bites.
You might have were a little bit later once i say cheese you dont eat it cuz. Its good you know you eat it because i just want to punish yourself youre irish. You know this really bad we convene here and this is actually pretty healthy.
Yeah. Do we have to finish the bowl before we go to the other one imagine no right yeah all right. I think we gotta move up to the next one um keep them moving here.
Yeah. Im gonna go cook. It and im gonna be right back first first take not garbage.
So thats pretty good right. Yeah all right all right music all right next up we got the uptons cheesy mac and this one on the front. It says ready in one minute and actually.
It was option of cooking it in a pot or microwaving. It for a minute. And we wanted to stay true to what it says on the front.
So we microwaved it for a minute. And this one has a sauce packet thats already made so you just like squeeze it on microwave it and then were gonna eat they all sound. Like a bacon mac.
And cheese burger. They have a few different varieties. So this is the most classic of sorts.
Nice tell them weve been a little bit fun good close companies trend you know anybody. Its not bad little salty nutritional yeast or rice bran oil salt cornstarch mustard onion. Garlic paprika mustard sugar see all they call it this one tastes like tinny it doesnt taste like mac and cheese to me.
Yeah. It tastes like pasta with sauce. It has the texture.
And it looks like mac and cheese. But not only do the flavors then yes i would agree right yeah not my fave. Im gonna continue and definitely i dont have five or six minutes to spare in my life.
So. The one minute is kind of a big deal lose it up a little bit you know buddy got time to really cook yeah. The fact that you can literally put put this into a bowl and microwave it i like that right so the noodles werent hard.
It was like theyre like soft yeah. It was interesting we start. But its shelf stable.
Too like this doesnt need to be in the fridge or anything so i feel like if you had this. And then you brought like vegan parmesan or nutritional yeast with you or brought. It.
With you im like thinking if you take this like for lunch or something. But if you add that on top. Itll probably taste a little more cheesy.
I cant stop eating this it is tasty. It is a saltiness yeah. Its pretty salty.
Its good bass. I believe good it needs a little maybe a little sriracha in there low hot sauce mmm really good maybe a little ketchup for jasmine. Oh.
Yeah. Right ketchup mac and cheese. All right oh my good so the next one is amys all right.
Shes with organic rice pasta gluten free dairy free are you like thats got a womans name on it so i had her then like nothing i thought it was uptown. Dont you trust me right yeah. Shes nice okay.
This says after years of recipe testing. We have found a delicious dairy free header style cheese to go with our tender organic rice pasta. This dish is so tasty so tasty that people no longer have to miss out on their favorite mac and cheese.
Oh my god thank god oh. My god this actually smells really good right right so this one has that when i stretch it yes. It has oh wow.
Its do believe it has a vegan cheese shred. In it of some sort. Yeah.
Thats really good thats like crap. Its not a saucy. But it definitely tastes like if you put like cheese and melted it yeah.
I like it i did use that crap until i like i think. This is my favorite one so far. Its definitely if you like here mac and cheese gooey.
This are like legit mac and cheese. Yeah would you like give that up in one day. Im in the journey to quit nice did you make that up yeah.
I did i have two trademarks dude. Take my thumb.

vegan mac and cheese brands-1
vegan mac and cheese brands-1

It will make your business moves as well a mac and cheese. If you are looking for a healthy option. I would avoid this one theres so much oil our minds challenge.
I got to stop what is it cookies only chris the cheese stretch yeah look at the cheese stretch actually impressive. This is the party is that party size 20 grams of fat mayo and your 20 friends the super bowl. Its gonna be great you guys got some chips look at look at the stretch dress look at that shell look at the suspension.
Oh yeah well get it stretch it wow look at it still we got like a quarter inch. There this is scientific music applause music next up is roads and organic mac and trees so this is edward sons brand. If youre familiar and i used to love this mac and cheese that is the greatest looking mecha forgot after they put the word all that in there like its got put the color into it so.
So this one has 15 grams. Of fat per serving. What a difference sure.
But company so theyre good. Im sorry great theres three ginza fat. No wonder.
Its great thats without the butter well maybe put vegan butter. Yeah. Okay.
Thats right lets try it so. This is a still on the box kids mac and cheese. I actually welcome i didnt know its trees oh funny i thought you guys just had a lisp.
I dont get it kids where does it say kids on the shire kids in trees great for growing body mmm thats creepy. But that thing is good it does right yeah. It tastes like whats the other type of cheese.
The white cheese usually mac and cheese with mozzarella yeah. Thats what it tastes them whats it out yeah whole grain vegan yes certified organic and a good source of b12 and fiber oh this is soy free not free and dairy free of course. I would eat this holiday.
Yeah yeah this is um its nice i dont know guys it doesnt taste like cheese. I dont think but tastes like cinnamon a little bit. I did not taste that actually now i do at the end.
Yeah. Thats at the end thats good though not quite. The same cheese stretching theres no strethers no stretch this one it does have nutritional yeast.
But i feel like i cant really taste it that much mm hmm. But this one has a ton of iron b12. If thats what youre looking for in calcium.
Oh laughter would you buy. It is the question i feel like yeah. I mean i would i just feed it to my guests special treat no its good.
I like it thats conduct also the sound is the most authentic to mac cheese ever heard i think thats really important when youre eating food to make it sound thats true right that usual her usual jasmine yeah basically its in a few days okay were gonna try it that you were professional. It is very good field roast back and chow creamy mac and chelle tender pasta cover and delicious cheesy sauce made from creamy child slices something takes a little off about him it was only a matter of time before we became inspired to crack a rich cheesy sauce using our creamy original chows. Places.
A homemade classic and perfect combination of creaminess texture and umami simply made simply satisfying mommy right. She looks a little bit like snot really matter time it tastes all well and fine. But i think i got plasticky after tax.
Oh im scared so this one you make in the microwave seems like sweet right and like tangy yes. I think its plastic. Yeah right its only a matter of time before we can make money off.
These vidiians is sweet right see i can go oh. I like it i mean. Its probably microwave safe because like yeah sure.
But it has like an actor like sting around amazing. Its like a blueberry blueberry coffee right now tastes like a shitty blueberry. It sounds like a weird.
Thats weird a very might as you were saying it i was like oh. My god i taste the blueberry you guys didnt get the chemicals down right. See my palate is so sophisticated and advanced i could tell what it was creamy creamy chunky sauce creamy but its blueberry asked yes i show that way too good blueberry mac and cheese.
We already have to change the formula my countrys not my favorite. Im actually eating in front mmm besides the blueberry. It does have a white mac and cheese flavor.
The mac doesnt taste that great. But the plastic lining is delicious laughter music where youre talking about my climate any homegrown organic vegan mac with creamy sauce and its rabbit. It has the rabbit of approval so this is actually laughter.
The cheese flavor is from pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Theres no nutritional yeast pumpkin and sweet potato. Did i say nutritionally yeah.
Theres no additionally youre shocked. That it doesnt have nutritional yeast. But it has the rabbit rabbit said its good nutritional yeast is it really hot no just shocked my skin you can definitely taste the sweet potato and the pumpkin little tiny shells here oh this is good shell pasta and sauce jenna thinks its good its obviously terribly terribly cold do another one hmm.
Howd you like it it doesnt taste like mac and cheese to me. But no. But it tastes like like its sweet potato sauce like icy potato pasta or something just like a baked good or something.
Yeah. It tastes more like a dessert mm hmm. Then i could probably not eat a whole bowl of that yeah.
Because its too sweet for me. It actually is its like a sweet potato pie brick. Yeah.
Interesting i look by i love love pie guy. Its alright ill continue to eat it right now. But i dont know if id go out of my way to unite it again.
Yeah. I dont think id get this again. Like when i want mac and cheese.
I want mac and cheese and this one im certified organic like ours has potatoes and carrots in it but it still has cashews and nutritional needs it still has that cheesy flavor. I think yeah yeah not because i mean what ours music how long have you been recording.

vegan mac and cheese brands-2
vegan mac and cheese brands-2

The whole time. Thats true japan alright. This one is from a daya is gluten and soy free vegan five grams of protein.
Excellent source of calcium. Wow. And from what i assume they have their cheese shreds in here.
I dont know it doesnt actually say that but i think right yeah wasnt like us in this pack. Like velveeta style. Yeah okay.
Its also available in alfredo and white cheddar style veggie deluxe cheesy. Mac mac doesnt ask yeah i didnt definitely taste the cheddar enos somethings his obstinate this tastes. Like the mac and cheese that i used to get at school doesnt it its very familiar and tastes that taste tinny yeah basic its me cafeteria when it was little buffet.
But you see a hot lunches at school. This is in there right its a little its gooey brown rice pasta nepo with cheating soy free. Not my fav no i was good ive had ly alfredo.
One before and i its like a half a second or die. Even music. Right.
Yeah. He was asking for it never mind of your schmidt. Laughter.
Music. This. One.
Is a modern table. Vegan mac complete protein. Classic cheddar style.
Lentils. Rice and peas. Yeah pasta.
So its gluten free vegan smells. Extremely chenery it does oh this one was a powder and you add milk vegan milk and butter vegan butter here we go one time shes hogging the ball they have a few other flavors also yeah they have a white cheddar and south what it says thats actually really good i dont know you can tell the pasta is bad no. No i feel good.
I think here. If you like fake food well no i mean if you like it. The cheesiest this one consistently why states the cheesiest not sure osseous cheeses yeah.
Its not this the creamiest. Ive never heard of this brand. Before is this a new company.
No every brand recently got. Oh. Ive never seen this theyve rebranded that would you look at it turn around repeat branded.
Easy time yeah. What i know the colors on the box. Before yeah.
We should wouldnt you know the dots maybe. There was too much colors maybe. Thats why its the modern table.
Its the chic. Its classy. The best one choice youre like a no way you know it you can ive had enough god theyre cut off lets pick our favorite and lets pick out our new least favorite.
I think thatll be a good thats a good idea. Okay. So my least favorite was the blueberry.
Watching my least favorite was the chow it tastes like blueberry plastic chouchou. What about you babe was your least favorite. I guess ill have to agree it was either the shower or the hammies.
Oh right this time yeah. The chow not because it didnt taste like like just a salty goodness that you know i mean. Its like a tv dinner food that you know it doesnt really taste like what youre actually eating jason.
Its about the sauce mmm that was like chemicals. Im sorry edit that out funny thing guys video sponsored by fielding and then your favorite. Im gonna say either ours or the amys i actually will say in the amy just because its like legit mac and cheese to me its gooey its fatty is the pole the pole for sure ours are definitely come after because yeah.
How about you tom yes. Yours was my least favorite no. I would definitely say this one was really good the modern table really the box is what sold me no i was tasty that one was really tasty.
Theyre all pretty good except for that crazy one. I do actually prefer your guys cuz. It tasted like somebody actually made it maybe.
Because that somebody that actually stead of putting pictures of this put a picture of like somebody making it all writers decide whose yeah probably the modern table okay. Its chic and modern yeah postmodern to be a postmodern you wouldnt understand youre just modern. Oh.
We brought this one too this is oh thats the pasta. We made for ours they actually have a vegan mac and cheese too. But we couldnt find it so how they do right yep port gateway.
Oh also we forgot to mention sweet earth has a cauliflower mac and cheese which we also couldnt find its frozen would be next well i think that about wraps it up here. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you tom for being a part of our videos.
Appreciated this time out of your busy schedule to come over he looks really far from us. I was in the middle of than that and as a parting gift. We are gonna gift you all thanks youre gonna get 12 box wow no thanks for having me.
Guys anytime. Alright well well deal with definitely be back for another. Then oh wow you guys really want to work on editing.
People out thumbs up comment down below make sure you subscribe hit the bell. If you want post notifications and well see you soon music applause. .

vegan mac and cheese brands-3
vegan mac and cheese brands-3

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LG 27UD68-P 27 Inch 4k 60p Monitor Review

27 inch flat screen tv This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you LG 27UD68-P 27 Inch 4k 60p Monitor Review. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone welcome to tech connect im rivers and today were going to take take a look at the lg 27. Ud. 68 p.
Monitor. This is an ultra definition monitor. Which means.
Its got four times. The resolution of a 1080p screen. Now lets do an ultra quick.
Unboxing and take a look okay heres the monitor all unboxed and assembled. It was really easy to put together all i had to do is put on the stand and put two screws in now to me the computer monitor is the first place that you should upgrade to 4k and thats because you notice the difference the most because youre so close to the screen. And i could definitely see a difference on the screen.
It looks so good in fact. Its probably.

27 inch flat screen tv-0
27 inch flat screen tv-0

The best monitor that ive ever used okay first off in my opinion on a monitor 4k at 30 frames per second is not really worth viewing. Luckily this monitor can view 4k at 60 frames per second and i can tell you it looks silky smooth you will need a newer graphics card which can output at 4k at 60 frames per second like a geforce 900. Series or 1000.
Series. Or an amd r. Series card also intel skylake cpus like the 6700 and 6800 can output a 4k at 60 frames per second.
So now lets take a look at some of the features on the monitor first off it only tilts up and down with the stand. If you want to rotate it youve got to rotate the whole monitor. But thats okay because its actually got something that a lot of monitors.
Dont have and that is a mount on the back. So you can mount it on a stand or mount it with other monitors. And you dont have to use this stock stand that comes with it another feature that i really like a lot is its got this matte finish on the screen.
So its not that glossy finish that makes a lot of reflections. So you can see this other tv behind me has a super glossy screen and its always got something reflecting off it no matter which way you turn it say you have a window behind you youre always going to see that glare on the super glossy screens.

27 inch flat screen tv-1
27 inch flat screen tv-1

If you dont see that on this matte finish so i really like that also of course. I like the clean design with a very thin bezel on this monitor and the black levels look amazing on here very dark. Now lets take a look at some of the hardware on the back of the monitor so over on the back.
Youve got the wall mount. So you can either wall mount it or connect it to a monitor stand with multiple. Monitors then youve got a.
Display port which is the displayport. 12 and 2 hdmi 20. Ports.
All three of those ports can go 4k at up to 60 frames per second. Which is definitely key to this monitor being good. And its got the power and an audio out for headphones or for external speakers and then its got this nice glossy black on the back.
So that if you are on a say a desk in an office of people looking at the back of the monitor it looks really nice and clean from the back of the monitor as well and finally down here on the bottom. Its got this handy little clip to keep all the cables.

27 inch flat screen tv-2
27 inch flat screen tv-2

Nice and tidy looking. So heres some 4k video that i have playing on the shield tv. Which can play at 60 frames per second and in 10 bit color.
So now lets talk about the image quality on this monitor heres some footage that were looking at that i shot in the sierra nevadas and at yosemite national park. And it looks amazing especially up close from where im sitting you can really see the definition from where the black ends and this guy begins or these flowers. Where the line between the flower and the green leaves behind it just looks so crisp and thats the 4k or i can see all the grass right here in this lake just like each individual blade.
So the 4k quality helps with that this monitor also has something called high dynamic range or hdr video. And basically. What that is is called its 10 bit color so it has a much bigger color palette to choose from than 8.
Bit color. 8. Bit color has 16 million colors.
And 10 bit color has about a billion colors. So it looks awesome.

27 inch flat screen tv-3
27 inch flat screen tv-3

And it will be more useful in the future when like netflix and amazon get more hdr videos also the black levels on this monitor are very good in the dark areas on videos and games. It looks nice and dark. So not much light blue at all so its also got free sync which syncs up your ambi graphics card to this but ill work just fine with nvidia products as well and thats what i have is all nvidia and it looks great on there as well and finally the price is awesome on this monitor really good for the specs you get i think that you wont find anything better for this price.
Ill leave a link to this monitor in the video. Description down below. Also have the w version of this monitor.
Which has a stand that can rotate the screen and adjust height plus. Its got a usbc port and usb charging ports on the back of it as well to sum it up this monitor is the best monitor. Ive ever owned.
Im really happy with it its one of the first ones that ive seen with 4k at 60 frames per second. Support and three ports that give you that and it just looks great overall. If you liked this video and want to see more like it be sure and subscribe to my channel.
So youll see all my latest videos as soon as they come out thanks again for watching and as always aloha. .

27 inch flat screen tv-4
27 inch flat screen tv-4

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Jeep WK2 Xprite 4” 60W Cree LED Fog Light Upgrade Vs. Stock 2011-13

4 inch led fog lights This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Jeep WK2 Xprite 4 60W Cree LED Fog Light Upgrade Vs. Stock 2011-13. Following along are instructions in the video below:
You are looking at the stock fog. Thats it thats thats all all you get with the stock fog lights pretty weak pretty weak. So what we gonna do is swap them out.
We heard of a new product. Sort of a new product. Thats been out a little while called x.
Brite fog lights from i guess amazon i dont know who else carries. Them. But they are pretty good.
Its asking the first seatbelts cruising around the neighborhood to show you these. Its very early on a saturday morning. It is about 5 00.
What is it 5 50 in the morning. But thats it thats the fog light output for the stocks right there you can see with the headlights look at the difference. I mean it its a big difference guys so were gonna try to were gonna try to update that and i heard the output on the new lights is its good.
Its not you know were not gonna see like light bar. Different you know where its lighten up the whole desert. But it is going to that fog light that we already have its gonna improve the stockpot fog like function.
So thats what were really looking for here. So theres a dark road coming up here. Yeah.
Lets do this road here to see you guys can see so here. We are on a very dark road. And you can see thats the stock headlight and thats just the fog lights right there thats it so pretty pathetic with the stock fog light.
I wish vehicles would come with better ones. But whatever reason they dont install them so thats just the daytime running and thats the stock fog light right there so. We will update what the new ones look like i assume itll be a lot better than that so hopefully.
It is because i really hate these things so well give it a shot guys and were gonna show some of the installs you will see in the video and well go from there all right stay tuned guys. As you can see the bumper is off thats really easy probably the easiest bumper.

4 inch led fog lights-0
4 inch led fog lights-0

There is to remove. Its basically the wheel well ten millimeter and then the two push pins and then along the bottom. Youre gonna see these i remember this is for a 2011 and 13 overland or limited.
Im not sure about that little raider bumper. Its very similar though but this is what youre looking for and then theres theres one of those clips. I just showed you under the wheel world two so theres two push pins a 10 mil and then the quarter turns all on the bottom repeat on this side.
And thats it and then youre just peeling off the quarter panel piece right there those just pop out so once you get this undone. These just peel away just be careful when you do it and thats it and then make sure you undo the bulbs you get these out youll see from my other video basically what youre doing is squeezing. These the inner tab here to squeeze that and pull and these will come out but as you can see thats these are brand new bulbs and theyre fried so the leds are gonna be a welcome welcome thing here so its a good time when you know when youre here take a look around i mean you got the front bumper off do some cleaning i for one im gonna clean some of these fins right there but i clean that im gonna straighten some of that out got a lot of rocks that ive hit it over the years but thats it guys so right now youre gonna unbolt these and put the new ones in and we should be good to go wow look at all that look at all that from the last road trip.
We went through a new asphalt area thats crazy didnt even know that was there alright well uh post up have to leave them out that these bad boys lets get them in there the new product. This is what they look like pretty nice looking lights. Theyre theyre heavy in hand so theyre theyre well made at least they appear to be well made.
I know that theres been other options. This basically the same type of light for like 300 guys. These are 40 bucks 40 bucks.
And i guess they put out the same light as the other ones of the other brand thats been out for a while so i think what happened is the chinese figured out how to do it and there you go 40 bucks. So were gonna give it a try it is plug and play literally this plug straight into your stock harness no modifications needed just straight plug and play so were gonna bolt them up weve already got the stock ones out as you can see what those look like i was surprised to find guys that three of the bolts that were holding this in were loose and even worse one of them was missing so i dont know what to do there i might have an extra bolt laying around or something. But yeah these are shot.
Ill probably keep them i dont know theyre pretty cheap. You might just buy some new ones to put away in case. These dont work out.
But yeah. Theyre shot. They look kind of worn out there pretty road rash.
But for now well hang on to them until we get another set and then well throw these away. But so those are the new lights guys and well put them in and were gonna see how it goes lets plug them up as you can see it bolts straight up they went in with no problem at all so thats good thats a good thing. So it is truly plug and play.
Theres the this is the adjustment. So you can adjust the height of the light once its installed.

4 inch led fog lights-1
4 inch led fog lights-1

So well keep going just got to crank this one out it is the was it a. I think. Its a six seven millimeter mm.
Lets see yeah. Seven mil to take off the fog lights pretty easy guys. Three of them and youre off all right lets do the other one were gonna show you the good and the bad of the product heres the good when they work theyre super bright.
I mean the light output immediately looks much stronger than that stock light. However this wire harness on this side doesnt work. Its its glitchy.
Im gonna tell you what im going to do about it. But put that one in and hold on a second. Lets put you down for all right so.
Its plugged in and as you can see theres nothing but when you move this wire look at that see that thats what im doing just tweaking this back the wire around on the back of the harness. Here. I mean could i get it to work.
Yeah. I could tape it like that and it would work. But how long would that last so what i did is i like the lights so im gonna order another set and leave a review and well just get another harness and return return this one and well be good to go.
But the lights. I like them they work good theyre lighting up really nice as you can see the light outputs real strong. So theyll look nice with the factory hids too so all right guys.
Well update when the new product gets here amazon same day so well see it sometime. Today and well just finish. The project once we get the light plug it in should.
Only be like 5 minutes before the bumpers back on and running so unfortunately. We wont be able to finish the project or right now right now so thats right all right well check back when the when the new lights show up sometime today you alright guys i wanted you guys to see the temperature color of these lights they are installed those are the factory hids these are the cb i ostrom cb. I hids theyre one step above stock in temperature color power or whatever.
But here they are guys im impressed check it out not bad as you can see and then ill run just the fogs here thats a pretty impressive beam. Thats the factory daytime running lights that youre seeing.

4 inch led fog lights-2
4 inch led fog lights-2

Thats all that is and here are the fog lights just the fog lights yep thats pretty dang powerful. I thought my headlights run and they werent those are just those fog lights guys thats pretty powerful. Im thoroughly impressed by these things thats amazing lets go to headlights and fog lights.
Were gonna turn off the fog and run just street headlights. So there they go as you can see its pretty bright without them well check back in were gonna get to that same road up here. Where we ran them on the other clip.
So you can get a fair assessment of what you think this is the same street as we ran with the other setup. Lets get off the those are no headlights and these are just the fog lights. I really like that guys that is some great color temperature this is not adjusted.
This is as they came and then heres what both headlights and vlogs and you can see the reflection change. There thats pretty amazing for 40 guys. Im gonna im you know what im gonna do i mean i know that that one harness was jacked up and it made me have to order another set.
But ill tell you what im gonna return that original set and i am going to buy another pair and just have those as on standby in case. These go out to me even if these only last hit three months. I think its worth it theyre bright as all get out and ill tell you what the these things murder.
The stock headlights are stock fog lights amazing difference driving through the city. I mean im getting illumination on both sides of the street. Now if i kill the headlights.
Youll see so plenty of light which the stock fog lights to definitely did not do that so theres no real beam pattern. I can tell the light. I dont know the roads not necessarily dark enough for here.
But and theres a lot of light output. I like it im happy with it guys i i think you will be too. So.
If youre looking for a good change out of the wk to 2011. Through. 13 fog lights.
This is the set. Im telling you right now. This is what you want im impressed look at that then with the headlights thats pretty good all right guys.
Thanks for watching well see you on the next one music. .

4 inch led fog lights-3
4 inch led fog lights-3

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